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Current Prayer Needs (updated 10/30/20)

Barbara S., Simone R., Tammy R., Beckham B., Leroy U., Penny C. (colon and pancreatic cancer), Alyssa V. (leukemia), Bryghton (colon cancer), Alesha M., Easton N., Melinda K., Felicity S. – (childhood leukemia), Maro M. (stomach cancer), Jane S., Star C., Cathy M., Kelly W.

Freida B., Bro. & Sis. Carr, Tammy T., Brendon P., Shelley W., Marsha L.

Healing & Strength
Pat U., Norma T., Jeanie H.

Joana S. (scleroderma), Joe H. (MS), Colton & Brittany D. (back pain)

In Hospital

Special Needs
Judy, Gina & Tristan P. (Judy has Alzheimer's), Kyle & Autumn R., Area schools (Safety of staff/students, awareness/wisdom for staff), Blake & Kristina B.

Praise Reports