Happy Thursday!

As I was listening to Bro. Kyle minister the Word last night, his reference to “space of grace” really jumped out to me. I began to think about that space of time we have been granted.

Contemplating how I could better use my time for study of God’s Word, I was reminded of a Bible study sheet from Cindy Miller that has proven to be very helpful. It is just a simple way to take a particular passage of Scripture, and depending on how much time one has, presenting three different levels you can study the passage. Below are two versions of this file: a standard Microsoft Word doc as well as an Adobe PDF:

One could use a desired level to study a different passage each day, do all three levels at one sitting, or you could break the levels into three days. I hope this will be helpful in redeeming the time during this season and beyond.

by: Sis. Cheryl Jean

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