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2020-03-15 – When the Fountains Are Tested

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2020-03-15 – When the Fountains Are Tested
2020-03-08 – Glean in No Other Field
2020-03-01 – Leaving the Barn Behind
2020-02-23 – I See the Cloud but I Want the Rain
2020-02-16 – Why We Came out of Egypt
2020-02-09 – The Blessing of Barrenness
2020-02-02 – The Sound of Victory
2020-01-26 The Gift Of A Mountain
2020-01-12 Lifting My Vision
2020-01-08 The Lord Adds
2019-12-22 Manger Required
2019-11-24 Praise Him Like The Battle Is Over
2019-11-10 – The Revelation of Undone
2019-11-03 – When They Saw the Scars
2019-10-28 An Unshakable Hope
2019-10-20 When the Man Going Up Saw the Man Coming Down
2019-09-29 An Uncommon Hunger
2019-09-08 The Call to Overcome
2019-09-08 I’m This Close to Losing It
2019-08-25 This Do To Remember
2019-08-11 When Thorns Became A Crown
2019-08-04 An Inconvenient God
2019-07-21 Sacrifice Ushers In The Spirit
2019-07-14 A Ziklag Experience
2019-06-30 When the Roof Falls In
Rest For The Soul
2019-06-23 Discipleship Project
2019-06-09 Pentecost Sunday
2019-06-02 From Jerusalem
The Power of Forgetting
2019-05-19 What Have We Done To Jesus
2019-04-07 Rise Up
2019-03-31 The Weary Inheritance
2019-03-17 The Spoiling Of Your Victory
2019-03-10 The Power Of Resistance
2019-03-03 What Do You See
2019-02-17 Life Together Revival Together
2019-02-03 The Attitude Of Worship
2019-01-27 The Knock Heard in Both Worlds
2019-01-13 You Cannot Borrow What Must Be Bought
2019-01-06 The Struggle Between Forgiveness And Deliverance
2018-12-23 Fear Not
2018-12-02 Don’t Miss Christmas
2018-08-05 The Journey Is Not Over
2018-08-01 The Journey: The Next Step
2018-07-29 The Journey Is Our Journey
2018-06-24 Honey On My Hands
2018-04-29 Until
2018-03-25 A Lamb Slain
2018-03-18 The Miracle Worker
2018-02-04 That Nothing Be Lost
2018-01-21 The Power Of Your Perspective
2018-01-14 Innocent Blood: What Does That Mean To Us?
2018-01-07 The Old Path of Prayer
2017-12-17 The Value Of The Blood
2017-12-03 The Value Of My Faith
2017-11-29 If Everyday Was Like Christmas
2017-11-26 Look On The Fields
2017-11-19 Sons Living As Servants
2017-11-12 The Lord Wrought Great Victory
2017-10-29 Our Genesis Face
2017-10-22 The Attributes Of God
2017-10-22 God’s Not Deaf
2017-10-15 From Hindu To Jesus
2017-09-24 I Still Do
2017-09-17 The Weakness Of The Church
2017-09-10 Family Month: Parenting
2017-08-27 What Next?
2017-08-20 Don’t Forget How You Started
2017-08-13 The Revelation Of His Wounds
2017-07-30 The Magnitude of a Miracle
2017-07-23 The God Of Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob
2017-07-16 Unwrapping The Gifts Witness And Testimony
2017-07-16 It’s Time To Read Hear And Keep
2017-07-09 Unwrapping The Gifts
2017-07-09 The Eighth Person
2017-07-02 Willing To Build
2017-06-18 What’s Your Cause?
2017-06-14 Called Out
2017-06-04 A Family Reunion
2017-05-31 God’s Eternal Seal
2017-05-21 Bring Your Damaged Goods To God
2017-05-17 Love Not The World (Nor The Things In It)
2017-05-14 Mother’s Day
2017-05-10 Ordinary Revival: Divided Love
2017-05-03 Ordinary Revival: In, But Not Of
2017-04-30 Being A Contender Of The Faith
2017-04-09 Look on Us
2017-04-02 What The Hunger And The Hogs Can’t Erase
2017-03-29 Don’t Get Spotted By This World
2017-03-22 Joy In Our Sufferings
2017-03-19 Mercy Is Still Reaching
2017-03-12 The Affordability Of The Gospel
2017-02-26 I Dwell In Unity
2017-02-19 Abide In Him
2017-02-12 Christ’s Love: For Us
2017-02-05 Walking in the Light
2017-01-29 Where Am I: With Fellowship?
2017-01-22 Where Am I: With My Worship?
2017-01-15 Where Am I: With God’s Word?
2017-01-08 Where Am I: With God?
2017-01-01 Our Redemption Draweth Nigh
2016-12-25 Christmas Memories
2016-12-18 Jesus Is Everything
2016-12-04 Jesus Is Everything
2016-11-27 There You Are
2016-11-20 The Joy Of The Harvest
2016-11-13 Where No Remission Is
2016-11-06 Cultural Diseases
2016-11-02 Taking Down Strongholds
2016-10-30 Lift Up Your Eyes
2016-10-30 A House Of Prayer
2016-10-23 Washed With The Word
2016-10-23 My View Of Heaven
2016-10-02 Time To Choose
2016-09-28 In The Company Of God
2016-09-25 Family Emphasis: There’s a Reason You’re Here
2016-09-18 Family Emphasis: Children Obey Your Parents
2016-09-11 Building Our House
2016-08-14 A Prisoner’s Mentality
2016-08-07 Keep Fighting, Keep Running, Keep Believing
2016-07-31 Faith and Love, the Elements of Freedom
2016-07-24 The Unique Story of Truth
2016-07-17 The Drink That Becomes A River
2016-07-03 All That Is Within Me
2016-06-26 The Hope of His Calling 3
2016-06-22 Faith With Our Future
2016-05-29 Memorial Day Service
2016-05-08 Mother’s Day 2
2016-05-01 Overexaggerating Our Inadequacies
2016-04-24 Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds
2016-04-03 Did Satan Know?
2016-03-27 The Blindness of Supposing
2016-03-20 Who Is This?
2016-03-13 Not Of This World
2016-03-06 Unwrap the Miraculous
2016-02-28 How Wonderful The Church Is
2016-02-14 The Horns of the Altar
2016-01-31 Membership Has Its Benefits
2016-01-24 Reboot: Worship
2016-01-17 Reboot: Evangelism
2016-01-10 Reboot: Prayer
2016-01-03 Reboot
2015-12-27 The Fear of Going
2015-12-27 Joy: Enough is Enough
2015-12-20 I See the Manger
2015-11-29 I See His Star
2015-11-22 Fringe Benefits
2015-11-15 My Greatest Possession
2015-11-11 Guarding an Empty House
2015-11-04 Blessed Assurance
2015-11-01 Living a Legacy
2015-09-30 Last Night While You Were Sleeping
2015-09-20 Celebration Service
2015-09-02 When Jesus Comes What will He be Looking For?
2015-08-30 Erasing Shame
2015-08-16 Constraining Love
2015-08-12 Do You Already Have the Mark of the Beast?
2015-07-26 Don’t Forget What You Are Wearing
2015-07-15 The Necessity of the Holy Ghost
2015-06-21 Re-Digging Dad’s Well
2015-06-07 Love Justice Wisdom
2015-05-17 Awakened too Late
2015-04-19 Don’t Let the Land Determine the Lyrics
2015-03-29 The Blood Makes the Difference
2015-03-08 Faith A+
2015-02-25 The Spiritual Significance of Intercession
2015-02-22 A Door in the Valley
2015-02-15 God’s Amazing Love
2015-02-08 An Acceptable Year
2015-02-01 How A House Becomes A Den
2015-01-21 Rising above Our Weaknesses and Failures
2014-12-07 Going God’s Direction
2014-11-23 A Helmet of Hope
2014-11-09 Hope, Part 2
2014-08-24 Back to School 2014
2014-08-10 A Different Kind of King
2014-07-13 The Sanctuary Makes the Difference