The church has adapted through history to many seasons. It has adapted to persecution, it has adapted when it became a Roman medium to rule the masses, and it adapted through a medieval period where there was silence. The word adapted is not in the negative since; however, it is in the positive sense that no matter what state the world is in the light of the Gospel never ceases to overcome the various seasons composing the ebb and flow of life. The Word of God never returns void. When God spoke into existence a curse upon Adam, Eve, and the snake, that word has spanned the gaps of all time as it moves in prophetic motion towards an end. The fulfillment of that end was in the cosmic redemption brought by the sacrificial offering of Jesus at Calvary. Through his atonement we now have access to living water only made possible by the blood shed upon the cross. Now that river of living water flows. It cuts through mountains, it weaves through forests, and it quenches the thirst of the traveler searching for a better country. No matter the circumstances the world has found itself, that living water still flows. When a hurdle is confronted the river does not stop; rather, it flows around or over the obstacle. The living water is unstoppable. This water was meant to be tasted, it was meant to be approached, it was meant to be claimed as part of the promised land of redemption. It is the now and not yet of God’s grace to humanity where salvation is come bringing a well spring to the souls of men while looking forward to the day, we meet the source: Jesus. This river is meant to flow through us today and it is meant to flow throughout the world through us. Over the thousands of years embedded in the history of Christianity, the living water in the hearts of men have had to flow in catacombs, it has flowed in the midst of physical death, it has flowed through communities of lepers, it has flowed into the graves of dead men, and it has flowed through the streets filled with the thirsty and suffering.

In the Gospels we see a miracle where a great banquet is being held that Jesus is attending. They have drank all the wine and there is no more left. They petition Jesus to help and he commands for the jars to be filled with water and it turns into the best wine of the banquet. This banquet is rich in symbolism. The Jewish tradition held wine as a symbol of joy and celebration. Running out of wine seems to parallel the condition of Judaism at the time in that they were joyless, and their celebrations were empty. However, in this scene we see how Jesus is the prophetic fulfillment of the messianic age as he would bring a time where wine would flow endlessly.

And it shall come to pass in that day, That the mountains shall drop down new wine, And the hills shall flow with milk, And the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters, And the fountain shall come forth of the house of the LORD, And shall water the valley of Shittim. Joel 3:18

Interestingly, an Old Testament parallel exists in this story when Jesus’ mother tells them “Do whatever he tells you.” The parallel is found in the story of Joseph when Pharaoh tells the people to do what Joseph commands. Likewise, just as Joseph brought help in the middle of famine, so Jesus has come to do the same, except he has come to bring relief in the midst of spiritual famine. Jesus asks the people in Cana why they want to involve him in the celebrations that day because it was not yet his time, but he used the occasion to demonstrate that not only has he come to bring new wine to the world, but he is also the living water which all blessings spring out of. Fast forward to the book of Acts where they were all gathered in an upper room at a different kind of banquet. This is the moment in history where out of the living water new wine was poured into new vessels. This is the outpouring of the Holy Ghost, the restoration of joy and celebration to the world that had endured spiritual famine from being cut off from the holiness of God. Now it has become a mighty river as prophesied in Joel 3 and it is flowing throughout the world.

In the face of the Coronavirus and the anxiety it may bring there is a God who has not caused the flowing of the river of living water to dry up. Rather, it is available for all if they will accept him as the Messiah and believe in him to cause them to be born again in water and spirit. He must be believed in as the source of joy and celebration who is the God of rescue and who offers water that once you drink you shall never thirst again.

But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. John 4:14

I encourage you today to drink of the water Jesus has prepared for your life. This begins with simply repenting and asking God to forgive you of your past attempts to provide for yourself and all the times you have sinned against Him. Begin to ask God to bring into your life celebration and joy. Ask him to rescue from the famine of this world and to help you know him. Once this water begins to spring up in your life no mountain will be too big, no struggle will be intense enough to keep you from rising again. The presence of His power will cause you to know him as Jesus the Messiah who will save his people from their sins. Take a step of faith and ask God to take part in your life and make up your mind today to do all that he says. If you will, then you will know God as more than a banquet guest, but as the Messiah who will cause blessing to pour out of your life like a mighty river. The living water God wants to pour in your life will flow through every circumstance and will lead to everlasting life.

by: Bro. Blake Byers

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  1. Thank you Bro. Blake for these inspirational words of life. When I found out that we could no longer be in the house of God, I was so saddened because I found so much blessing and strength there. Now, while I still miss church tremendously, I know that we will make it through this trying time. God still meets with me in my prayer time. What an amazing Savior He is.

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