This was a message given in prayer to Sis. Claudette Walker, who was kind enough to bless us all by sharing it.

The Lord said, “Oh, that My people were as aware of the virus of sins and weights that that can so easily beset them as they are aware of the Coronavirus! The finish line of your race is near! I need for my people to DISTANCE THEMSELVES from all sin and distractions. FOCUS ON ME as a bride focuses on her groom the days before the wedding. BEHOLD, I COME QUICKLY!! Check your lamps to make sure they are full of oil! Be FULL OF MY SPIRIT! Seek to be LED BY MY SPIRIT in these days of turmoil and uncertainty.”

Prayer Focus:

  1. Ask God for a SPIRIT OF PRAYER. Ask the Lord to pray THROUGH YOU according to His will. Pray often in tongues. REPENT!!
  2. PROTECTION for all of us from the virus. Anoint the windows and doors of your home.
  3. HEALING for all of those worldwide who have the virus.
  4. WISDOM for all government and health officials to make wise decisions.
  5. WISDOM for ALL Pastors and Missionaries to shepherd their churches via technology.
  6. Pray for creative ways to witness and teach Bible Studies. Invite people to watch our services online.
  7. Pray for CONVICTION for those who do not know God..Pray they will be led to apostolic websites and hear TRUTH preached.
  8. Pray for PRODIGALS all over the world to be drawn to return to the Lord.
  9. Ask for FINANCIAL PROVISION for all of those who now have no income. Our evangelists now have no meetings and thus no income.
  10. Pray that all saints will be faithful to give their tithe and offerings so the churches’ bills can be paid.
  11. PROTECTION for all who work in the medical profession and first responders.
  12. PRAY AGAINST THE SPIRIT OF FEAR that is rampant in the earth.

I encourage you to fast as the Lord leads you. We need to be informed but do not let your spirit be pulled down by a steady diet of the news. Remember to quote and live Phil. 4:8 and 9. We must THINK ON THINGS OF GOOD REPORT. Watch anointed sermons. Listen to anointed music. Take regular PRAISE BREAKS THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Sing to the Lord. Dance in your homes. Have verbal testimonies of all that God has done for you. Read the Word often.

We must more than ever … BE THE CHURCH!!!

Claudette Walker
Pastor’s wife, Faith Apostolic Church of Troy, MI

One thought on “A Message in Prayer

  1. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes as saints we need to be reminded of what’s really important. This world is not our home.

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