Life Groups

Believers sharing common interests and life in Christ.

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What are Life Groups?

Simply put, it's "Doing Life Together."

Life groups are groups of people intentionally gathering together for a common interest or purpose. Groups may be ministry-related or just centered around doing something fun together. Simply put, the goal is "life, together."

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Current Life Groups-Click the picture to enroll!

Recovery group for those dealing with substance addictions. Wednesday at 7 p.m. Led by Nicole Jenkins.

Discussing trials and things we have had to overcome now that we don't have our spouses to help us through situations. Led by Peggy Meador.

Strategies for victory in the real world of sexual temptation

This group will collaborate and meet a certain locations to go out on the water for kayaking Adventures and exploring God's nature together! Led by Brent & April Nealey

This group is for girls ages 9-16 learning how to live healthy. Led by Leslie Wood.

This group places its focus on ministering to those who are in the care of nursing homes. This group is led by Mike Wood and Kathy Bowling.

This life group combines artistic expression with the meaningfulness of God’s Holy Word and the timeless truth contained within its pages. This group is led by Faith Barton and Autumn Ridlen.

This group meets to play basketball and is coordinated by Jarrod Burner.

This group is coordinated by Betty Woodward and geared toward ages 55+. This group involves many different kinds of activities from outings to bonfires.

This group is designed for people who love God and also enjoy playing golf. In this group you can expect to meet other people who have a passion for God, golf, friendships. and growing in Christ.
This group is coordinated by Jill Wright: The focus of this group is to equip women ages 18-36 with the weapons we need to fight our struggles, whether spiritual or natural.
This group meets weekly for breakfast and is organized by Homer Coker and Mike Wood. Sign up for notifications and information regarding times and locations.