Midweek Split Sessions

Starting February 23, AOS will be conducting three Split Session classes. Please select one of the following to sign up for your desired session:

  1. Overcomers Split Session
    This session will be a series on practical application of Biblical truths and foundational precepts to help live an overcoming life. This session will be held in the sanctuary.
  2. Social Ministry Split Session
    In this session we will look at Social Media, how it works and how we can start transforming our online presence into spaces where each of us can mentor and minister. We will work and learn together with the goal of discovering how Jesus might have used Social Media.
  3. Digital Architectures in Audio Split Session
    This session will be an overview of technologies used for audio reproduction as well as a look at DAW (digital audio workstation) software. This will be held upstairs in the gym walk around A/V area.